This is my first real go at any of these hacking websites, and what I have seen of OverTheWire Bandit so far. It’s really enjoyable. I have never really written a write up before either, so please bare with me. I will try to go into as much detail as possible, without giving the answers away fully. Where possible I will hide important information, so if you are not interested in the answers. Don’t worry!

If you’re interested in playing the Bandit wargame for yourself? Or want to follow along, then you can find all the information on the OverTheWire website. This will contain all up to date information if it changes at any point.

Level 0

The first level is more of an introduction than a test of skill, but that didn’t stop me having to Google some bits. Forgot how to change SSH port. So to get started I popped over to the OverTheWire bandit webpage, and grabbed the SSH information to get started. If you have read any of my other posts you may notice that I favour a Linux based operating system. So I haven’t included any information about SSH from Windows, however you can use Putty if you are on Windows.


The requirements for level 0 is to obtain the password to login as the level 1 user. The password is stored in a file found the in the users home directory.

Let’s Start Hacking Then

So I loaded up a fresh terminal and ran the command to connect to the server,.

ssh -p 2220

I entered the password provided bandit0 and was now ready to find the next one. I’ve used Linux for a good time now so navigating the directory wasn’t foreign to me. So I ran the ls command to check what files were in the directory and…

Ooohhh! There’s a readme file. Hopefully the password is somewhere within this file. Using the following command I dump the contents to the terminal, and what do you know it’s my next password.

cat readme

Level 0 Complete!

I have hidden the password here, if you are playing along don’t peek! Please! It’s more fun getting it yourself.

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